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Table Of Contents Fields of Practice Training and Education The Role of a Litigation Attorney Advantages of Hiring a Litigation Attorney These days, litigation is almost unavoidable. Almost every day brings word of new lawsuits being filed or resolved. There is virtually always a litigation attorney...

Over the past years, mediation has been brought into the mainstream of dispute resolution in Canada. All levels of government are now using mediated processes to resolve a variety of different types of conflict. The rapid growth of the mediation processes, coupled with the fact that...

A legal executor, by definition, is a person appointed to manage and distribute the estate of a deceased person. There is a whole period of probate that follows to ensure the validity of the executor's will and authenticity, therein confirming their nomination as the legal...

When choosing someone to execute your will, there are usually two options. The first one is choosing someone you know very well and can trust with executing your will. The second is a professional estate lawyer who is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to...

Have you ever been frustrated with filing your tax returns and trying to understand the tax procedure? Taxes are complicated and require a thorough understanding of state regulations and laws regarding taxation. Let’s admit it, doing your tax returns on your own can be overwhelming. If...

Divorce is an emotionally draining process. And going through a painstakingly long divorce process can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. The resentment, financial stress, and even the legalities linked with it can further aggravate the experience for all parties.
Depending on the severity of the accident, a personal injury can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. Moreover, a severe injury can lead you to lose your job or income. This is why it’s essential that you challenge the offenders to a lawsuit and demand compensation.
If there's anyone who actually has the best interest for your business, it's your real estate attorney! A real estate lawyer will guide you through the process of buying or selling a real estate property. Moreover, they'll ensure that you always seal the best deal!
Many pieces of advice for responding to the coronavirus pandemic are notably deaf to the country’s affordable housing crisis. “Stay at home!” is something many people plaster on social media or voice in-person, and while it’s not bad advice, it’s not possible for everyone. If you have a home, then yes, you should stay in it as much as possible until the pandemic passes.
If you’ve gotten into an accident in Ontario, you may think that the person that caused the accident is liable for all damages. That’s partly the case. The soon-to-be-defendant may be held responsible for monetary damages, such as injuries and vehicular damages. It’s easy to quantify the cost of these damages (medical bills, repair costs, etc.).
COVID-19 led to a massive rise in debt, especially that of residential tenants. The reasons are fairly apparent. The pandemic externally shocked the economic system, restricting the kinds of economic activities people could safely do. The resultant risks and lockdown measures led to quick drops in production and demand, leading to rising unemployment. The unemployment cut peoples’ income streams, but there was no proportionate relief in expenses.