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You spend, you save, and when possible you take advantage of loyalty benefits such as Air Miles and Aeroplan Miles to help with the family budget. In fact, many people have built up many reward miles and they often have significant value. But have you...

Do you have pets? If so, have you planned for them in your will in the event you pass away before they do? There are three ways to provide for your pets when you die: Pet stewardship by a friend: Leave a specific gift in your will...

When a person passes away in the Province of Ontario, the Estate Administration Tax, also known as probate tax, is charged to his or her estate. The estate executors, also called estate trustees, are responsible for paying the probate tax out of the funds of...

The following are tips on what to do following a slip and fall accident: GET HELP: If you are involved in a slip and fall accident call 911 or ask a bystander for assistance immediately. WITNESSES:  If a bystander helps pick you up off the ground following a...