How an Estate Lawyer Can Help You Execute Your Will

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How an Estate Lawyer Can Help You Execute Your Will

When choosing someone to execute your will, there are usually two options. The first one is choosing someone you know very well and can trust with executing your will. The second is a professional estate lawyer who is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to execute your will efficiently.

While the former may seem the better option, hiring an estate attorney offers a diverse range of benefits.

Issue the Will With the Probate Court

The first and foremost step in executing the will involves filing it with the relevant probate court. Probate indicates giving a person the authority to act as the estate trustee and confirming his authenticity, along with the validity of the will. Probate is not necessary for all circumstances, such as executing small estates.

Once this procedure is carried out and approval is confirmed, the will can them be executed.


Notify the Relevant Parties of the Client’s Death

The estate lawyer is then entrusted with informing all beneficiaries and all those mentioned in the will of the client’s death. This list includes all banks the client was part of or anyone who the client owed money.


Represent the Will in Court

After informing all relevant parties, the estate lawyer must represent the will in court and read it to everyone. This step requires reading of the will and is the first hearing all parties will witness.

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Create a Bank Account for All Relevant Funds

After filing a list of inventory assets belonging to the testator, a bank account is set up. Setting up a bank account is a crucial step towards paying and settling all debts owed by the person who is being represented. Likewise, any debts that the testator is entitled to will be sent to the bank account.


Manage Distribution and Dispose of Other Property

As stated in the will, the estate lawyer will distribute all stated assets and property to the beneficiaries mentioned in the will. After distribution of all such assets, whatever’s remaining will need to be disposed of. This is also the responsibility of the executor.


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