Getting Wills and Powers of Attorney During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Getting Wills and Powers of Attorney During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Getting Wills and Powers of Attorney While Maintaining Physical Distancing

Physical distancing has made getting valid Wills and Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care (POA’s) more challenging than ever. That’s because face-to-face meetings with lawyers and witnesses are not likely to happen.

Thankfully, McGuinty Law Offices is equipped to help you draft and execute your Wills and POA’s.

Although online media offer Wills and Powers of Attorney, these media are not equipped to surmount the challenges associated with getting a Will and POA’s during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some challenges being faced are:

  1. Finding two witnesses: Your Will and POA’s require two witnesses to be present with you at the same time when you sign your documents. Finding two witnesses can be challenging given the need for physical distancing.
  2. Witnessing by video conference: The Province of Ontario has temporarily allowed witnessing Wills and POA’s by video conference. But the devil is in the details. Witnessing by video conference requires a minimum of two separate video conferences and requires very specific Affidavits of Execution to be drafted and signed by each witness. If the rules are not followed, your Will may not be valid.
  3. Finding the right witnesses: There are specific rules around who can and cannot be a witness to your Will and Powers of Attorney. If you do not follow the rules around who can act as a witness, your Will or Powers of Attorney may not be valid.


Let us take care of the details

The friendly and professional staff at McGuinty Law Offices would be pleased to:

  • Schedule video conferences with you;
  • Provide you with two impartial witnesses, including a lawyer;
  • Draft top-quality Wills and Powers of Attorney including Affidavits of Execution.


Life can be unexpected, but your estate plan doesn’t have to be.

McGuinty Law Offices prides itself on providing state-of-the-art Wills and POA’s during these uncertain times.

Please give us a call at 613-526-3858, or email us at for a quote.


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